Leather 3 - 6 sq ft Rose GOLD Vintage Crackle on Pastel Light PINK Cowhide 3.25 oz / 1.3 mm PeggySueAlso™ E2844-21
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Vintage Crackle Rose GOLD on Pastel PINK Cowhide
Thickness: 3.25 oz / 1.3 mm
Temper: soft and flexible
Backside: Pastel Pink Suede, some backs pretty, others have marks or fleshings.

You choose from 3 to 6 square feet off the hide, no particular dimension or shape
***When leather is cut off the end of a hide, we do just that, cut it off the hide. It will likely be odd shaped. It also may have a flaw or a hole (usually close to an edge) however, most of the hide will be nice leather and very usable.

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