Leather 5 to 6 sq ft Black fine grain Goatskin Leather Hide / Hides 2-2.5 oz / 0.8-1 mm PeggySueAlso™
Black fine grain Goatskin Leather Hide
♥The picture is just an example, yours will look similar, but not the same exact hide♥

Thickness: 2-2.5 oz / 0.8-1 mm
5 to 6 sq feet overall
**It will be around 30" from left to right in the picture, about 20" or so from top to bottom**
The back side is a black suede and not real pretty
***Goat skin leather is very strong and durable, with a smooth fine grain texture, it is slightly tougher than cow leather and is lightweight, comfortable, supple, flexible, puncture resistant and water-resistant.

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